Lottery business overview

A lottery business is one where you are able to sell an opportunity to your customers to take part in some of the worlds biggest lottery games. This is made possible through our relationships with lottery service providers who purchase tickets either under license from official lottery operators or through software plugged into official terminals.

Our system automates this process from order to delivery of results and crediting of prizes.

We offer a number of plans to our partners the idea being to meet different budgets and circumstances.

1. We offer a light and branded package which essentially is a co-mingled lottery application with pre-defined ticket margins. 
2. We offer a business and professional package which is a stand alone lottery application, you have control over the ticket margins and games you wish to offer.

As the applications operate under our general license we manage all payments which are collected and displayed in your merchant control panel. All costs are deducted at source and on a per transaction basis.

We offer NETeller, Skrill, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, BitCoin and other AltCoins.

In general, we can accept payments from anyone unless those payments have been blocked. We do however block specific countries such as the USA and the Netherlands. Due to ongoing changes in global legislation as well as the ever changing banking regulations we can not guarantee that we will be able to accept payments from a specific jurisdiction. We would suggest you consult with us first in order to determine the viability of your idea and target market.

NOTE: While we may be able to accept payments from a particular jurisdiction, this may not necessarily mean you will be able to use traditional advertising in those jurisdictions. In some instances, this would require a local license.

As we are a licensed and regulated gambling company, certain countries will not accept payments from us. We get around this problem by sending payments through payment service providers. Another solutions may be for you to open an account in our local jurisdiction and we would be happy to assist you with this.

You can order your lottery business here: 

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