Game provider overview

Game providers are people who build games for to be distributed to our partners. 

Games need to provide the following:

1. Implement our authentication flow to login and validate users against the platform.
2. Receive and process deposit/withdrawal/balance query requests from the main platform, to maintain a user balance for your game(s).
3. Provide a compatible endpoint for launching your game(s).
4. Calculate and send revenue reports (usually bet/collect) to the main platform.
5. Provide a metadata endpoint with game data in a well known schema.

Game providers need to be in a position to quickly resolve problems with their games and to keep their game technology current and their server software up to date.

In detail from our CTO:

Your game engine would be configured to talk to the our account management system via an API of some form.

The basic flow would look something like this:

This flow keeps all of your customers personal information as well as payment logs within Curacao and within the jurisdiction of our license. The only data the game engine sees is a pseudo-anonymous token and balance information. Additionally any actual financial transactions (bets/wins/etc) have to run through the account management platform, again remaining within our jurisdiction. This is not our requirement but rather a requirement of our license, for understandable reasons.

The code required for the account management side can be as few as a few hundred lines of code, if you are using the GamblingTec platform for handling user authentication and payments etc.

Here is a solid example of how the entire system works:

You can play any of the games for free with the "FUN PLAY" option. You will need to create an account but you should be guided through the entire process.

Once you have signed up and logged in, you will notice playing a game is a simple as pressing "FUN PLAY" and then playing game.

What you don't see is that behind the scenes this goes through the same flow as outlined above. User registration/login happens on the GamblingTec platform, a new session is created on the InBet accounting platform (the game developers of these games), then you are passed to the actual InBet game engine.

Additionally in this case we have an independent casino operator (MySlots.Ninja) incorporating games from one of our providers (InBet).

For your system MySlots.Ninja would be replaced by your brand, and your games would also have your own branding.

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